An unusual and original adventure began when, in May 1991, five young actresses who had just graduated from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona preferred to take off on their own rather than waste away by the phone waiting for a call from a theatre director. Their initiative met with the interest of a fellow graduate, Pere Sagristà, who suggested they read Little Tales of Misogyny by Patricia Highsmith. Fascinated by the scathing, ironic tone of the North American authoress’s tales, they decide to work with them.

To present in society what would be their first show, Little Tales of Misogyny, they set up a company which they baptised T de Teatre, a name which, among other things, pays tribute to all the actresses’ love of tea. And a mutual friend, Daniel López-Orós, has been the person in charge of the executive production of their projects since then.

In the creation of this production, they opted for a simple set: two stools, a table, a Formica chair and an armchair were the only props. On the other hand, this austerity in the use of stage props, which would become the norm in their following shows and has the advantage of situating the text in the forefront,